Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. What are the Friends?
  • A. The Friends are a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation formed to assist in the perpetuation of Lake Baldwin Park as a Dog Friendly Off Leash Park.
  • Q. Why were Friends formed?
  • A. The association was formed as a result of many public hearings held by the City of Winter Park in June of 2001. 
  • Q. Brief Description of the Park.
  • A. The park is a 23 acre waterfront park.  11 1/2 acres including a long stretch of beach are dedicated to dogs off-leash.  The park hosts not only lakefront, but pavilions and wooded nature trails you can enjoy with your dog.  Bring your own refreshments or patronize the many local cafes in downtown Winter Park, on Aloma Avenue or Baldwin Park.  Dogs are not allowed off-leash in the unfenced area.
  • Q. Can I bring my puppy?
  • A. Young puppies are discouraged from the park for their own safety and because of their susuceptiblity to infection.  Young puppies have not worked out their social skills and could endanger thier life by rushing other dogs who mistakenly read their palyfulness as aggression.
  • Q. Are there facilities to wash my dog?
    A. Yes, 4 dog washes are located behind the ADA bathroom.
  • Q. What are the weekend off-leash hours and explain the purpose of these?
    A. The Park is open from sunup to sunset 7 days a week. 
  • Q. What do I do when I encounter an unfriendly dog?
    A. Aggressive dogs are prohibited at LBPOccasionally a small minority of the dog owning population decides to bring their bad dog to the park.  Most situations work out as the dog owners tend to self police these situations and the owners of bad dogs do not return.  We like to hear from you when you've experienced an incident like this for our records, even though we have no policing authority.  If it gets out of hand, FOLBP always encourage the victim to contact the police. 
  • Q. Are we in danger of losing the Park?
    A. After a lengthy battle from 2009-2010, we do not face imminent danger of losing the park, however, LBP is a privilege to all of us and we should be mindful of the rules:
  • Q. Are fees being charged to enter the park with a dog?        
  • A. No fees to enter the park with a dog off leash. Fee's were attemepted but with the support and determination from the Friends group were repealed in April 2011.


Be respectful to one another.

Do not bring aggressive dogs to the park and if your dogs acts up

remove him from the situation and take him to a place for time out.

Pick up after your dog and follow the 1-2 rule: 

Pick up after your dog and one other poop pile that may have been missed.

Stay within the fenced in area.

Your cooperation at the park ensures the sustanability of this park remaining off-leash.