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Membership Drive  Newsletter  Poop Patrol  Fund Raising Planning Education

Membership Dues and All Donations are Tax Deductible, All Monies Go to Support Lake Baldwin Park.

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Dues: $25      ☐ Benefactor: $50     Other Amount________________

Commemorative Sponsor (Engraved Brick in Entry Area to Park)  $110.00

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Please note that new brick orders will be saved for the upcoming improvements and

re-design of the park

 Make Checks payable to FOLBP, Inc.

 Mail completed Application & Check to:  

Friends of Lake Baldwin Park

PO BOX 2201



Membership Opportunities



1. Organize volunteers to hand out membership applications and Frequently Asked Questions Pamphlets at the park on each weekend the park is open during off leash hours.

2. Keep a supply of applications and FAQ's on hand for each weekend and to keep the container filled at the park picnic table for weekdays.
3. Maintain list of members with their e-mails/address/phone & committees list.
4. Make a copy of the membership application and dues for membership file, then give the original application and check or cash to the FOLBP Treasurer ASAP.
5. Send "Thank You/Receipt Letters" to each new member either via e-mail or regular mail promptly.

Social Media
1. Keep webpage and facebook information up to date.
2. Get information from the FOLBP Secretary and Officers for content.

1. President's Message
2. Secretary's Report
3. Treasurer's Report
4. Liaison to the City of WP Parks & Recreation Board Report
5. Committee Reports (Membership, Fund Raising, Planning, Poop Patrol, Education)
6. Meeting dates for Monthly FOLBP Board & Quarterly General Membership Meetings

1. Organize volunteers to check the park as often as feasible to make sure only pawprints are left in the park.
2. Make sure necessary supplies are always available in the park: poop bags, scoopers, etc.
3. Gently remind - educate everyone to clean up after their dog(s).
4. Do not try to enforce any rules. If people do not cooperate and a situation is getting out of hand call a Park Ranger or the Police at 911.
5. Gently remind those entering and leaving the park with their dogs to put their dog on lead and/or leave the park at dusk.

1. Create ideas for fund raising.
2. Contact sponsors.
3. Develop a comprehensive fund raising plan to implement the objectives of the organization.

1. Provide creative suggestions and ideas to maintain the park.
2. Provide creative suggestions and ideas to make improvements to the park.
3. Contact and meet with outside sources for actual drawing of landscaping plans.
4. Make recommendations to the board for maintenance as needed.

1. Preparation of materials on canine and owner good citizenship.
2. Maintain Bulletin Board in the Park with notices and information on FOLBP.
3. Prepare materials and a speaker's group to meet with other cities about forming dog parks.

1. The Board of Directors oversees the operations of the entire organization.
2. Attend monthly meetings, give reports and consult with committees on operations.
3. Each board member will be asked to oversee (ex-officio member) of one or more committees and give reports to the rest of the board at regular board meetings.



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