Rescue and Adoption

One of the most important things you can do when you lose or find a pet,
is get the word out quickly to as many people in the immediate area as possible.
A new FREE community service website helps make that possible.
At you can post a lost or found pet.
Plus, the website sends an email alert when a pet is lost or found.
Area residents can register for these free alserts at the website. also provides pet resources:
lost and found pet kits, pet care and training, a growing list of rescue groups,
and a list of local veterinarians.  There is no fee for its services.
A small rescue group that places about 5 dogs or puppies per month.  They want to encourage adoption of homeless pets rather then supporting breeders and pet stores, and encourage you to spay or neuter your pets.
So next time your looking for a new furry friend, check out;
Pet Rescue by Judy is a private, No-kill, non profit organization dedicated to
rescuing, rehabilitating, re-socializing and rehoming dogs and cats.
Florida Boxer Rescue is a non-profit volunteer based org that identifies
and provides for needy boxers who have no other support, and assist
in placing boxers who would otherwise be euthanized.